Turnkey Packaged Drinking Water Plant


Our Turnkey Packaged Drinking Water Plant is a fully equipped and operational water treatment facility that is provided as a complete package, ready for immediate use. The term "turnkey" indicates that the plant is designed, built, and installed by a single entity, and it's ready to start production once delivered to the client. The plant typically requires access to a reliable and clean water source, such as groundwater, surface water, or municipal water supply. It includes various water treatment processes to purify and disinfect the water. Pre-treatment does screening, sedimentation, and filtration to remove large particles and impurities. Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Ultrafiltration (UF) are advanced filtration processes to remove dissolved solids, contaminants, and microorganisms. Disinfection refers to chlorination or other methods to kill remaining bacteria and viruses, and post-treatment refers to pH adjustment and mineralization to enhance water quality and taste. 


Product Details:

Ideas Engineering Works is a reputable company based in Kolkata that specializes in the manufacturing, supply, export, and servicing of Turnkey Packaged Drinking Water Plants across Asia and the Gulf countries. We were founded in 2009 and have since served many satisfied customers with our products and services. We also hold a variety of ISO management system standard certifications, Trademark Registration, FSSAI, ISI marking, NABL accreditation, and more. Our Turnkey Packaged Drinking Water Plant has components that are made up of Stainless Steel and can be customizable as per customers’ demands. It is used in Bottled Water Companies, Water Bottling Plants, Public Water Supply, etc. Our factory is located at Kalikapur, Sonarpur, Kolkata.

  • Since the plant comes as a complete package, it can be installed relatively quickly compared to a custom-built facility.
  • With a single entity responsible for the entire project, coordination, and troubleshooting are more straightforward
  • Turnkey plants use well-established and tested water treatment processes, ensuring reliable performance.
Product/Service Name Turnkey Packaged Drinking Water Plant
Brand Name Ideas Engineering Works
Application Industrial
Installation Service Yes available
Body Type (Material) Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, FRP
Plant  Type Packaged Drinking Water / Mineral Water Plant
Capacity 250-500 litres per hour, 500-1000 litres per hour, 1000-5000 litres per hour, 5000-10000 litres per hour
Voltage  220/240 to 440 V (Depends on the project requirement)
Power Source Electric
Water Recovery Rate 70-75% (Depending on the water source)
Type Of Control In switch/panel or equivalent system
Warranty Contact us for warranty related information
Servicing and Maintenance  Yes Available (As Per project requirement condition)
Transportation Charges Depends on project location and requirement
Payment Modes NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, IMPS, Bank Transfer
Installation Period/Time Depends on project requirement and location
Main Domestic Markets All over India
Country Origin India
Export Areas Nepal, Bangladesh and other neighbour countries


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