Fluoride Removal Plant

A Fluoride Removal Plant, also known as a Fluoride Water Treatment System, is a specialized facility designed to reduce the concentration of fluoride in water. While fluoride is added to many municipal water supplies in controlled amounts for dental health, excessive fluoride levels in drinking water can lead to dental fluorosis and other health issues. Our plants can be made up of FRP or Stainless Steel, according to the customers’ needs. They are typically used in Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Industrial, Commercial Settings and Bottled Water Companies.

Idea Engineering Works makes the best Fluoride Removal Plants that are robust and which are nominally priced. We manufacture them in our factories in Kolkata, the city where were are also based. We also supply, export, and provide services for them all over Asia and the Gulf Nations. Our products are industry-leading and trusted by our customers. 

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