Arsenic Removal Plant

Arsenic Removal Plant, also known as an Arsenic Water Treatment System, is a specialized facility designed to remove arsenic from water sources. Arsenic is a toxic and carcinogenic element that can naturally occur in groundwater or be present in industrial effluents. Arsenic contamination in drinking water poses severe health risks, including skin lesions, cardiovascular diseases, and various types of cancers. Our product is widely used in Arsenic-Affected Regions, schools, and medical institutions. The Arsenic Removal Plants can be made up of varied materials which can be tailored to the customer's needs.

Idea Engineering Works is an authentic manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and service provider of Arsenic Removal Plants across Asia and Gulf nations. We are based in the historic city of Kolkata and we guarantee our Arsenic Removal Plants’ durability and efficiency.

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