Solar Power Plant Installation


Solar Power Plant Installation involves setting up photovoltaic (PV) panels to harness sunlight and convert it into electricity. The installation of a solar power plant is a complicated procedure that necessitates meticulous planning and execution. The first step is to select a suitable site for the plant. The site should have access to sunlight, be large enough to accommodate the solar panels and be located in an area that is not prone to flooding or other natural disasters. Once a site has been selected, the next step is to obtain the necessary permits and approvals. This process can vary depending on the local government. Once the permits are in place, the construction of the solar power plant can begin. Once the solar power plant is complete, it will need to be operated and maintained. This includes monitoring the performance of the plant, cleaning the solar panels, and performing repairs as needed. The material used is Stainless Steel.


Product Details:

Ideas Engineering Works is a Kolkata-based company that manufactures, supplies, exports and provides services for Solar Power Plant Installation across Asia and Gulf countries. We were founded in 2009 and our high-quality products and excellent service have made us one of the most trusted companies in the industry. We also hold an entire range of ISO management system standard certifications, Trademark Registration, FSSAI, ISI marking, NABL accreditation, etc. Our company aims to extend our services all around the world. Several materials are essential in the construction and operation of a solar power plant. It can be utilized in Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Remote and Off-Grid Locations, Public Institutions, etc.  

  • It dramatically reduces reliance on fossil fuels and decreases greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower electricity bills and Increased property values
  • It can be easily scaled up or down based on energy demands.
Product/Service Name Solar Power Plant Installation
Brand Name Ideas Engineering Works
Application Industrial, Commercial, Domestical
Solar Panel Type Mono & Polycrystalline
Installation Method Roof Top
Type On Grid
Capacity Depending on the project
Installation Service Yes available
Installation Mode Offline
Work Includes Complete civil works and installation work
Warranty Contact us for warranty related information
Servicing and Maintenance  Yes Available (As Per project requirement condition)
Transportation Charges Depends on project location and requirement
Payment Modes NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, IMPS, Bank Transfer
Installation Period/Time Depends on project requirement and location
Main Domestic Markets All over India
Country Origin India
Export Areas Nepal, Bangladesh and other neighbour countries

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