Removal of Hardness of Water


The removal of hardness from water is a common water treatment process aimed at reducing the concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium ions, which are the primary components responsible for water hardness. Hard water can lead to various issues, such as scale formation in pipes and appliances, reduced efficiency of soap and detergent, and potential damage to water-using equipment. There are several methods to remove hardness from water, and the choice of method depends on the level of hardness and the specific requirements of the application. Our services are utilized in Residential Homes, Commercial and Industrial Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, etc


Product Details:

Ion Exchange Water Softening is a removal process consisting of resin beads that attract and exchange calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions. When water passes through a resin bed, calcium and magnesium ions are captured by the resin, while sodium ions are released, making the water soft. Ideas Engineering Works is the authentic service provider for the Removal of Hardness of Water across Asia and Gulf countries. We are based in Kolkata, were founded in 2009, and in 2015 we proudly started working with the hospital sector. Since we were founded we have served innumerable happy customers with our services.

  • Washing clothes with soft water can result in cleaner and softer fabrics. Softened water improves the performance of laundry detergents, leading to brighter and softer clothes with reduced fabric wear.
  • Softened water is gentler on the skin and hair. It helps prevent dryness and irritation
  • Hard water can accelerate the wear and tear of water-using appliances, shortening their lifespan. 
Product/Service Name Removal of Hardness of Water
Brand Name Ideas Engineering Works
Application Industrial
Installation Service Yes available
Water Source Depends on the water availability in the project
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate(m3/day) 100 LPH to 100000 LPH(Depends on the project/clients requirement)
Plant Capacity (Tank) The capacity of the tank depends on the project requirement
Materials Used Mild steel (MS), FRP, Stainless Steel(SS)
Frontal Pipeline Material PVC/ MS
Mount Type Floor Mount
Automation Grade Semi-automatic
Power Source Electrical
Type Of Control In switch/panel or equivalent system
Installation Time/Period 5 to 15 Days (Depending on the project requirement)
Warranty On mechanical items
Servicing and Maintenance  Yes Available (As Per project requirement condition)
Transportation Charges Depends on project location and requirement
Payment Modes NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, IMPS, Bank Transfer (Only in Banking modes)
Installation Period/Time Depends on project requirement and location
Main Domestic Markets All over India
Country Origin India
Export Areas Nepal, Bangladesh and other neighbour countries

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